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Boys Short Sleeve Shirt "Siyabulela"

Could this be the perfect shirt for Heritage Day celebrations?

An Afrocentric twist on the classic button down shirt… Trendy enough for lunch with Gogo or your best friend’s birthday party! This unique boys’ shirt is made from a deep purple shirting material and cotton shweshwe.  The styling on this shirt makes a bold statement for any boy ready to be the Handsomest boy in town!

Mix and match with jeans or shorts for a more casual or pair this shirt with chinos for a more dressed up look. Not sure of the size? Have a look at our easy to understand sizing chart. Our items are ready to wear, once you've made payment we can send it to you overnight!

Shweshwe is a delicate material and needs to be handled with care. Please only wash in cold water on the "Delicates Cycle" on your washing machine. Do not tumble dry and do not Dry Clean.

This distinctive boy’s shirt is made from 100% cotton shweshwe and polycotton shirting material.