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Caring for your Seshweshwe

LESEDI garments are made from the most beautiful and colourful Shweshwe fabrics, one of many vibrant, traditional African textiles that you will find across the African continent. This iconic fabric has a rich history and has been worn in South Africa from the mid 1800’s. A 100% cotton fabric, Seshweshwe as it is also known, was originally only available in a vibrant indigo blue colour but these days, the fabric is also made in a variety of bright, vivid colours.

When you first receive your LESEDI garment you will notice that the Seshweshwe material is quite stiff compared to other fabrics. This is due to the unique starch that is used to preserve the fabric when it is first produced. After washing, the stiffness of the fabric disappears, as the starch washes out, to leave behind a beautiful soft cotton fabric. 

Seshweshwe is a unique & delicate material and needs to be handled with extra care. Please only wash your LESEDI garments in cold water on the "Delicates Cycle" of your washing machine or hand wash with cold water. Washing in hot water will damage the fabric. 

Make sure to wash your garments with similar colours. Do not tumble dry, Bleach or Dry Clean any of your LESEDI clothing items.