About Us

Welcome to LESEDI! We’re so happy you found us!

Launched in June 2020, our company was created to celebrate our vibrant African culture, through kids fashion. And we all know that when little people are involved, that’s when the fun really begins!

Each of our garments bring together traditional African fabrics and the best of contemporary fashion. And we’re sure that you’ll find our clothes as playful and full of life, as the incredible kids they're designed for.

Our range of off the shelf, Seshweshwe clothing is locally produced and made by hand.  Each item is designed to be comfortable and easy to wear and is guaranteed to withstand more than a few washes!

Just a quick note on how to care for your handmade LESEDI items, be sure to wash each item in cold water on the delicate cycle and with similar colours. The Seshweshwe material will become softer with every wash.