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Why African Fabrics like Shweshwe are the Sustainable Fashion choice

November 09, 2021

Why African Fabrics like Shweshwe are the Sustainable Fashion choice

At LESEDI, we believe African fabrics like Seshweshwe have a powerful role to play in driving sustainable fashion. Why? Shweshwe is made from 100% cotton. And cotton by its very nature is a durable, strong and easy to care for. And when it comes to Kids clothing, that’s what we really want. Clothing that our kids can play around it, that will be comfortable for them to wear and easy for us to clean once they’ve had their fun.

Best of all, because cotton is so durable, kids clothing made from cotton looks good for a really long time. So unlike most fast fashion, where a tshirt purchased lasts for one season, kids clothing made from African textiles like Shweshwe are long lasting, meaning your son can enjoy his new shirt this season, your younger son can enjoy the same shirt in the next and then the year after you can gift the shirt to your nephew and the year after that, it can be re-gifted to someone else in the family - all while still looking as good as the day you bought it. This is true sustainability in action! 

As all our LESEDI clothing items are made from African textiles, it means that our entire our kids clothing range is primarily made from cotton and so every LESEDI shirt or dress you purchase, you’ll be able to reuse for many, many seasons. The dress you buy for your daughter today, will help make many little girls feels like princesses for years to come!

So traditional African fabrics need no longer be reserved for special occasions, rather, the more we wear these iconic fabrics, the better it is for the planet, because unlike the kids clothing made in China, our LESEDI items are made with love, to last.

So this Christmas, make the sustainable choice, not only our clothing items beautifully vibrant, they're also good for the planet!