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3 Reasons why Jumpsuits are the best choice for trendy kids

October 13, 2021

3 Reasons why Jumpsuits are the best choice for trendy kids

Jumpsuits have been around since the 1920's and they're still as trendy as ever! For kids especially, they are a versatile and functional choice. 

Originally invented for people jumping out of plains (hence being called "jumpsuits"), they have evolved every decade to offer something new to the fashion industry. Everyone from Elvis, to Beyonce has been a fan!

In South Africa, jumpsuits are a great for trans-seasonal dressing. When the sun's out, but there's still a slight chill in the air. 

Our unique LESEDI jumpsuits are made from 100% cotton seshweshwe material. They blend the best of our most iconic traditional African fabrics with contemporary design, offering a new, fashionable take on traditional kids attire. The girls' jumpsuits have a feminine frill at the shoulders, while the boys' jumpsuit have pockets for all those treasures your little boy may want to keep close at hand.

Our jumpsuits are easy to play in, they’ve been tested by many kids with A++ results! And if being kid- approved wasn’t enough of a sell, each of our jumpsuits are made by hand, in South Africa! So they’re not only super cute, but also super helpful at supporting local South African communities.